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If you're looking to invest in Canada, the government will take your money but they will also completely get in your way. Canada is not a place for investment because there are far too many laws and rules stripping you of your capital gains and earnings but on top of that they are also using the police to monitor your social media to see if you said anything offensive.

Even if you said something on social media 8 years earlier while you were living in a different country, they will still arrest you and force you to wear an ankle bracelet while they rip your business apart and then lock you up in prison for life.

I have read the entire Bill C63 and the minimum punishment is a $50,000 fine, but the punishment they're really pushing for is life in prison.

The radical leftist lgbtq cult is being pandered to now with the courts and the prison system. It makes me wish for complete and total societal collapse in Canada because I can say this, when the lgbtq is in a position of fighting in a civil war that they have caused, not a single one will survive and maybe we can finally get some business done!

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