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Mortgages & Financing

A Brand New Start. We Can Help.

Mortgages and Financing in Canada.

If you need financing or a mortgage, then Call Kevin J. Johnston Right Nows! Financing does not have to be complicated and so I work with the best people in the business.

Let's get you the funds that you need today!

Kevin J. Johnton is HERE TO HELP. As A Mortgage Aquistion Expert, I shop the market to find the most competitive rates and products that best suit your needs.

Our services and solutions are based on your needs and interest. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, income verification or no income verification; we will always work for you and not the lender.

We provide one-to-one personalized service. We will treat you with honor and integrity.
All information provided is strictly confidential. Our clients are not just a mortgage loan number.

Our goal is to make your mortgage loan application quick and as stress-free as possible.

It is our pleasure to assist you and we will do our absolute best to guide you.

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Your home is your number one asset!

You can leverage your home to use for a downpayment on a new sunny destination property.

Here are some options that we deal with:


  • Residential Mortgage

  • Commercial Mortgage

  • Purchases

  • Refinancing

  • 1st Mortgage

  • 2nd Mortgage

  • Secured line of credit

  • Private Mortgage

  • Debt consolidation

  • Debt reduction

  • One-to-One personalized Services

Thanks for Contacting Kevin J. Johnston of - Kevin or a Team Member will get back to you soon.



Send All Letters, Packages
and Checks/Cheques to:

Kevin J. Johnston
P.O. Box 85253
RPO Alberta Park
Alberta, Canada 
T2A 7R7

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To Ship To COSTA RICA, Use The USA Address Below
(you must include the SJO0558054):


Kevin Johnston SJO-558054
1 Aeropost Way
Miami, Florida, USA

TEL: (786) 322-2032

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