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Americans Need To Escape From Blue States NOW!

The Democrats are in full panic mode.

Donald Trump is more popular than he has ever been and they know it. Liberal hive mindsets are dangerous. The Democrats are locking up Americans who have dissenting opinions about the Democrats.

The American government is a mess and so is the Canadian government, which means that North America is a far-left insane asylum where conservatives, Christians and white people are being locked up for objecting to how poorly North America is being run by its leadership.

Democrat-run states are now violent cesspools where property values are dropping fast but also the courts are being used as a weapon to silence everybody who has pro-America views.

This is how America falls. It looks like everyone is going to have to migrate to Republican states and let the Democrat-run states die the death they deserve.

Protect yourselves and get to Republican states as quickly as you can.

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