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Canadian Restaurants Are Illegally Charging Carbon Taxes On The Bill

Running a Restaurant is a very difficult endeavor, considering that food is less than 150 operating costs of a restaurant. I would hate to see the gas bill and the rent bill that some of these places have to pay.

The trend of dining out is beginning to fade fast and I think a lot of restaurants are put in that kind of a pinch. Society changes and those who don't change with it fail in business.

Restaurants have in many cases pulled stunts that are borderline criminal such as automatic tipping or hidden fees or even alcohol tax that they never remit, but the new one is they're adding their own carbon taxes to invoices now in restaurants.

You now have to ask the manager what every single hidden cost is going to be before you even order a glass of water because I promise you they will add as many surcharges as they possibly can to your bill.

Restaurants to do that well, they kind of deserve it if you show up with a bag full of cockroaches and let them out. Not that I'm encouraging it, I'm just saying they would deserve it.

I have made a list of restaurants I will never go to again that post once like this but instead of getting yourself into some kind of battle after your meal is done, either learn to cook for yourself or make sure the manager signs off on every charge before you order.

Of course, I'm not telling you what to do, I'm only telling you what you need to look out for.

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