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Why International Students Need To Avoid Canada At All Costs!

The best way to describe Canada is, a Ponzi scheme! The Canadian government doesn't create anything and all Industries have been shut down so we are not growing anything in the way of an economy.

We are instead bringing people into the country who have money, stripping them of all of their resources, and then leaving them with absolutely nothing.

"Economic Zone" is another description for Canada and that means that they a severe lack of industry and desire for there to be any industry in the country, the country is in the midst of collapse, and the only way to stop that from happening is to bring International students in and take all their money.

A degree from a Canadian University is absolutely useless. The only certificates that mean anything in Canada are the ones for skilled labor jobs like auto mechanic, electrician, welder, or even stonemason.

If you are considering coming to Canada to become a student of any university, take it from a Canadian guy who's been studying this for a very long time, you are wasting your time and money. You will have no education to show for your time and effort and you'll never recoup your money.

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