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Moses Jacob Lopez who is 30 years old as a biological male pretending to be a woman. When you look at this individual's eyes you can tell that something is very very wrong with him and Society has allowed him to live according to his delusions that he is a woman. He is blaming the mental health support system and says that he feels targeted due to his identifying as a woman which he mistakenly refers to as his gender identity.

He killed a white cab driver because the cab driver went to the wrong address and that address was given to the cab driver by Lopez himself.

Believing 911 to be responsible for his delusions and his outlook on life, he stabbed the cab driver to death. He took a plea deal to get 20 years as opposed to getting life in prison and made absolutely no apologies whatsoever. In the supposed apology, he simply blamed 911 and everybody but himself.

The only other reason that was given for him to kill the cab driver was that the cab ended up in a dirty part of town and he said that as a woman he felt vulnerable so naturally the correct course of action is to stab an innocent man to death.

This is the problem with the radical left and the radical lgbtq cult, they do whatever they want and they blame everybody but themselves because the average person and group in society is allowing them to get away with their ridiculous delusions. This is going to get worse before it gets any better.

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