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An Oregon murderer named Moses Lopez who is 30 years of age and walks around with a sloppy beard and a god-awful haircut, murdered a cab driver. He fatally stabbed a white cab driver because the white cab driver was a heterosexual man. This man who is pretending to be a woman blamed society and blamed 911 for his crime. The problem with our modern society is that we are telling people with severe mental illness that they are not only normal but they are heroes for coming out of the closet and dressing up like a bunch of fools. There is nothing worse than seeing the end result of a society that's been coddled and enabled to behave themselves in this fashion. Men do not magically become women overnight and putting a ponytail on does not make you a good person.

Pretending to be something that you're not makes you a horrible person and makes you do horrible things in the name of an ideology that does not even belong to you. This left-wing anti-white ideology and this praising of aberrant Behavior has destroyed us as a culture and it simply time to put the mentally ill back into institutions where they belong. We need therapy not lipstick.

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