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It is extremely difficult to get ahead in Canada. The Canadian government is not one that wants to see its citizens have any particular type of success or even the drive to be successful in the first place.

The only thing keeping Canadian property values high is the amount of money laundering that takes place in Canada. It is out of control and it has destroyed anyone's ability to own a house in the future.

As a Canadian journalist, I had to leave Canada just to be able to make videos like this. Yes, it is true. The police would follow me all over the city and constantly knock on my door telling me not to speak about certain subject matter. It's a high stress life to be in Canada if you have a voice and it's even higher stress if you have the drive to be better and you're constantly being shot down by the government.

Investing in Canada is completely pointless and that is why I highly recommend moving to Costa Rica and investing here. This is what I do for a living now. I help Canadians Escape communist Canada and make money in the real estate market in a country that actually wants people to succeed.

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