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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan have announced that come April 1st of 2024, they're going to make everybody they pull over take a breathalyzer.

This has nothing to do with protecting the public from drunk driving. This is an excuse for them to arrest more Canadians for nothing. This is also an excuse for them to gain access to your vehicle and search it without a warrant.

These so-called blitzes never stop people from dying but they do end up costing the taxpayer a ton of money because the courthouses are full of people who are fighting these ridiculous and illegal tickets in court.

In reference to the police lower your window only an inch and that's just enough for them to hear you and for you to hear them, the second they start saying silly things to you, demand to see a supervisor.

Call 911 if you have to to get a supervisor to show up. Cooperate only when the supervisor is there to ensure the officer is not breaking the law.

If you have a lawyer call them. This is a very dangerous precedent to be set by any police department at any time.

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