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Policing in Canada is no longer of any value to we the people who pay for it. Illegal aliens, foreigners with rotten attitudes and generally people from cultures who hate us are all committing crimes every minute of every day and they're doing it right in front of police who don't do anything about it.

Instead, the police will arrest white Canadians who protest against all of this violence being committed in our society. We no longer have any value in our police forces because they're not here to protect us they are here to infiltrate our private lives and ruin our private lives because they're too afraid to go and deal with the real crimes out there that are growing in number because they won't act.

I'm extremely disappointed in the direction that my country has gone so the only conclusion that I can draw is that we no longer need police so let's defund them and arm ourselves. I would much rather be armed and protect myself than waste any time whatsoever asking the police to help me with anything. I don't think I'm alone in this.

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