Kevin J. Johnston Opens A New Coffee Company!

There are 5 New Flavours of Coffee Delight in Canada and The New company is KEVIN J. JOHNSTON COFFE CO.

The beans are 100% Organic and All are Purchased FAIR TRADE! This stuff is politically incorrect, but one damn fine brew! All are available for purchase on Friday, February 26!

The Flavours Are Listed Below!

Mayor Mud Light Roast, high in caffeine and easier on the palet.

Mayor Mud Medium Roast is high in caffeine and on par with coffee-shop strength and flavour.

Mayor Mud Dark Roast is high in caffeine and adds a whole lot of kick to the tongue. It is flavour-filled!

Kevin J. Johnston's LIBERAL TEARS BLONDE ROAST is a true cafe-style coffee to delight coffee lovers of all ages and tastes!

WASTED NATIVE was such a hit with REAL NATIVE INDIANS in Northern Alberta that they all wanted an Indian Face, Name and Joke on the package. I aim to please. This roast will wake up the dead and every wasted native or Canadian you happen to see stumbling down the street.*

* Coffee will NOT sober you up. DO NOT DRIVE or operate heavy machinery while intoxicated on alcohol or drugs!

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