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Cities all over Canada and the United States are wasting tax dollars by having votes on a ceasefire in the Palestinian region.

Do you think that Israel and Hamas give a shit about anything that a city council anywhere in North America has to say? Think about the sheer waste of time that this is and the sheer distraction keeping you from knowing what's really going on inside your own countries!

White people really have become the biggest retards on the planet. When plots of land are fighting each other to merge both plots into one, and it's on the other side of the world, it doesn't matter what you vote or what you say or how you dress, nothing is going to change the conflict.

The best thing to do, is stay the hell out of this mess. Let them sort it out because they're going to fight until one of them no longer exists and anybody with a brain knows that. I suppose all of you are voting for ceasefires because you actually don't have a brain, and I'm pretty sure I'm correct on that one.

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