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The Kevin J. Johnston Show Our special guests Misty Wind, RC the Rapper

Tonight on the show, good evening everyone, the aliens have abducted Derek this afternoon but was able to create the broadcast. So until the aliens bring him back we are waiting first Stefanos to be jumping in the show. So I have a couple of special guests coming into my room this evening they'll be on the show that I have met them for the first time. I've been dying to wait to meet these people for ages.

What can I say about what's going on in Ottawa it is electrifying. Misty Wind says her cousin, Jordan is a singer from the song called," Home". Jordan is a professional singer he's been in The Ranchmans as a resident singer. RC the rapper was quite shocked to hear this man without any studio and to hear him live was amazing. RC knew he was the one to sing the song. The song had worked out perfectly. It's sexually hit number three on the Hip Hop charts on Itunes in Canada now! The song home has hit a second wave. Thanks everyone for listening and supporting. Keep listening and help us make it number one! Misty Wind, says thank you to everybody to help us make it number one by sharing and to your families uniting people with the song!

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7PM Calgary Time / 9PM Toronto Time


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