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Donate Cryptocurrency - Wallet Addresses Are Below

BITCOIN:   1CLkdjvjEG5DY9AHehRTpMK9pFmXfbx9Zw

ETHEREUM:      0x0035Ee9849CF29F21e022b4C36c8db0819575b24

BNB:          0x97a771b314cbe79452217f3664211f044f985cb0

DOGECOIN:          DNmxsZviEMXd4ybr271VJx9z64182mPmZd

SHIBA INU:          0x97a771b314cbe79452217f3664211f044f985cb0


DASH:          XrkuSyZdKRunKQBGwFyH6Zv8FDj5HBYnDf

LITECOIN:          Leatb1nnc2NG8bVN9rFmyhw1C6moFdmEdf

Please note that confidential deposits via the MWEB function is not supported and will result in loss of deposits.

if you wish to donate a coin not listed here, please message me and I'll send you a wallet address. Thank you all!

Thanks for submitting!

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