Kevin J Johnston's Coffee Company


This order ships as: 5 x 1 lb bags.


Please select the Coffee Blends/Roasts for each bag and choice of Grind.


If any bags need a different grind, please leave a note on cart page (lower left hand side).


Coffee Options:


Cowboy Dark - Espresso Blend

Liberal Tears - Blonde Roast

Mayor Mud - Light Roast

Mayor Mud - Medium Roast

Mayor Mud - Dark Roast


Grind Options:


Whole Beans

Corse - French Roast

Medium - Metal Filter

Medium/Fine - Paper Filter


5 LB of Coffee (Mix and Match) - Kevin J Johnston Coffee Company

  • Canada Post has unusual ways of pricing coffee shipments across the country. The rates are different for each province. All shipping is done from our Mississauga, Ontario plant.

If you are purchasing Coffee, Shipping of 1 Pound and 2 Pounds is THE SAME PRICE!

Blame Canada Post!