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I got a lot of emails and had a few phone calls from people stating that they went to dating services within the City of Calgary and the City of Edmonton within the province of Alberta in Canada.

What they had said was all the dating services are going to have a difficult time finding somebody especially women who did not get the Pfizer or the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

I decided to follow up on this and I went to all three dating services that were recommended to me and the exact same thing was said to me by the consultant that ran the business.

There will be no problem finding me a woman who's a lot of fun and gorgeous with an awesome ass and a flat stomach perfect body and so on but it's going to be next to impossible to find somebody who has not had the vaccine.

Somebody who took that damn thing is probably going to be dead decades before I would so why would I invest any time at all in getting into a relationship with them?

The other problem I have with this is the person in question who received this vaccine is somebody who obviously caves into pressure quite easily which means that I would not be able to trust that person whenever the Canadian government decides to implement some new rule.

Obviously, they will do what they're told by the powers that be and they will ignore any and all wishes that I have on the subject.

That is not the kind of relationship I want to be in so to all ladies out there who want to get a piece of me, the gorgeous, beautiful, amazingly stunning me, you don't have a shot in hell if you took those stupid needles for the reasons that I have listed above.

Go ahead and answer the question:

Would you date somebody who got the vaccine?

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