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So many of you are asking me what to do about nuclear war. There will not be a nuclear war because there are far too many billionaires and banks that have too many investments in too many countries to have their investments destroyed or even put at risk.

Look at guys like Zelinsky, Biden and Trudeau. You'll see that they are completely owned and controlled by billionaires around the world who are not going to allow nuclear weapons to destroy their investments nor their banking lines.

We are already in World War III. Currently it is a socioeconomic war that none of us are getting. All of this unfettered immigration is part of the war. All of the LGBTQ policies being shoved on us is part of that war.

Our own people trying their very best to destroy our own countries is part of that war. The fact that rapists and pedophiles do not get prosecuted in Canada or the United States is also part of that war.

What they have done is far more dangerous than any nuclear weapon could ever be to society. Here's my advice watch the video.

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