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I am a middle-aged heterosexual male and a real man. I bask in my masculinity and I adore feminine women. When I say I adore women, I'm talking about the ones who have breasts and are born with vaginas!

I'm also a hyper-masculine heterosexual male who judges each and every single human being on the merit of their person, their character and their capacity to do good, which means I couldn't care less if you're straight, bisexual or gay.

Then we have an entire society that has chosen not to live that way, but to put forward what people prefer to do in bed as the most important part of their character and that has led to the absolute demise of the western world.

An example would be Dylan Mulvaney, who is a biological male who couldn't cut it in the acting world and pulled the wool over all of your eyes by trolling all of the Western World on TikTok claiming that he was going to transition slowly on the internet into a woman. You all fell for it because each and every one of you out there seemingly has zero capacity for rational thought.

First, men do not magically become women just because they put on lipstick. Secondly, when somebody is making an outlandish claim it truly is your duty and responsibility to look into their history, which I did. He is a supposed actor who could not get work because he can only act one particular way which is Goofy in a wig.

I hate to break it to him but Walt Disney perfected GOOFY Behaviour close to 100 years ago when he released the Goofy cartoon character. The cartoon character is vastly more funny, entertaining and intelligent than this Dylan character is.

Like many men who dress up as women and claim to be trans women, this guy is depressed because straight males won't date him. As one of the top 20 masculine men in North America, let me be the first one to extend a public invitation to Dylan being my little girlfriend. I will date Dylan publicly under the conditions in the video.

Dylan, are you woman enough to handle Canada's best looking man?

The invitation is a serious one, let's see if you're serious.

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