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So many of you out there are tricked into thinking that digital ID is a good thing because it's convenient to have all of your identification cards wrapped up into one.

I'm telling you it's a terrible idea and one that you should avoid at all costs. The average police officer has an intelligence quotient of less than 90 and stupid people tend to have weak egos. When you have a weak ego, messed with a low intelligence quotient, that individual who's wearing a costume that says police on the side of it will then have access to every single piece of information to do with you that ever existed.

That is going to eliminate the need for police services to get warrants to find out more about you, which means they're going to have more ways to find out things you have done wrong and give you tickets or hit you with criminal charges.

You need to make it as difficult as possible for others to find out secret information about you and your family, which is why you need to make sure that you keep all of your ID cards completely separate.

If you have to leave Canada or the United States and get driver's licenses and identifications in other countries, then do that just so long as your ID cards are all separate from each other.

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