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Why Dave Chapelle's Saturday Night Live Monologue Was Great!

Dave Chappelle has been a fixture in the United States for a very long time. Is comedy is rough and tumble and he does not care who he offends and he certainly does not care about the opinions of anybody on the far left.

For some reason, everybody on the left wanted to call his monologue on Saturday Night Live controversial.

It wasn't controversial, it was just over their heads. He came out and insulted the left and the right, he insulted men and women, he insulted blacks and whites and he insulted Biden and Trump.

The Constitution of the United States of America allows for this type of free speech which I am glad to see he is still exercising. we do not have freedoms like that in Canada unfortunately and he would have been arrested for what he said had it been on a Toronto soundstage.

Nonetheless, Dave Chappelle stay true to himself and delivered something that only people with a brain would see the humour in. If what he said causes you to tear up and get angry, it is time for you to hit the books and try to raise your IQ points by at least 10.

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