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Why Aren't Palestine Protesters World-Wide Going To Palestine and Fighting?

People are protesting all around the world and they are all taking sides. Most people especially the ones who are under 30 or have an IQ of less than 90 are selecting the Palestinian side because the media is telling them to do so. They honestly don't know anything about the conflict nor the history of the region but they still are calling for the death of Israelis and the destruction of israel. I am not taking sides. The Israelis are assholes and the Palestinians are assholes and when two different groups of assholes live right beside each other, they will behave like assholes which they are doing now.

The protesters around the world who are calling for the end of Israel do so for a couple of hours and after creating chaos in a western city, go and have coffee at Starbucks. My question is, why don't all of you little shits who are behaving like spoiled brats get on a plane and go to the West Bank and fight for what you say you believe in. The truth is you don't believe in it, this is just an excuse to shirk your own life responsibilities but I do suggest you give it a shot so that you can test your mettle. I know that you won't because none of you have any convictions of any kind and you're all cowards.

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