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Everybody out there has an opinion that typically is incorrect and is almost always unwanted, yet they continue to spout their opinions simply so they can create some type of conflict or drama.

I bought white pepper and jokingly stated to the man selling it to me that I preferred white pepper to black pepper as it is the superior of the two. Naturally, I'm talking about the flavor and the way that it burns when it goes down.

That is when a little Asian girl along with her white useless beta cuck boyfriend who had a man-bun began barking at me about how racist I was because I preferred white pepper and I made the statement that white pepper is superior to Black pepper.

My preference for white pepper is Nobody's Business and the conversation had nothing to do with anybody except for me and the merchant. When a business deal is taking place, nobody's opinions matter except for the people involved in the transaction.

Typically, I would say something clever to people like this but I realize that I am talking to a generation of morons who were instructed by a generation of morons in a moronic educational system that I knew was moronic the day I walked into school at age 4.

When morons are teaching morons this is bound to happen and when the unethical are teaching their unethicality to those who are not smart enough to create their own moral and ethical code, this is also what happens. just for the record, I just gave them a buzzing sound through my teeth while I waved them away with my hand. Yes, I got that idea from Chris Tucker in the movie The Fifth Element which I highly recommend you all watch.

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