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We are continually told that deforestation is a problem. I have flown many times across Canada and the United States and so long as you're not flying over top of a city all you see is trees from horizon to horizon.

It would be impossible for human beings to destroy every tree and trees grow back within a couple of years. Whenever they do burn, they grow back stronger than ever.

My fear is that with all these stupid accords we are not putting enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for these trees to live. If trees don't get carbon dioxide they die; if trees die, we die.

We need to start burning more wood in North America and Europe. It gets cold in the winter so why not heat your house with a wood burning stove? The carbon will go in the atmosphere end up on the ground somewhere and plants will flourish.

Don't fall for the hype because it's just hype and it's all lies, meant to control your thoughts and take tax dollars from you.

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