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The director of the World Health Organization is a member of the Tigray people's Liberation Front a group that make up less than 6% of the Ethiopian populace, yet they have declared themselves the superior race of Ethiopia and as a result have murdered more than 2 million Amhara Ethiopian citizens.

Keep in mind these are black Ethiopians killing black Ethiopians in the name of the World Health Organization. They did so with guns, machetes, knives and then the complete denial of healthcare using roadblocks and destroying Runway so planes could not land.

You need to be very careful in this lifetime who you are listening to. Remember, the Canadian government put me in prison because I refuse to follow this Psychopaths instructions.

Canada and the Canadian governments kill just as readily as the Tigray terrorist group does. Trust me when I say this the Canadian government cannot wait to kill you and they will use every method possible, taking their direction from professional murderers.

If you don't believe me, look up Justin Trudeau's policy on deliberately suiciding and genociding its own people currently.

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