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Ultimate Fighting Championship Pro fighter was interviewed in Toronto and of course the radical left lgbtq alphabet maniacs decided to question him with leading and trapping questions and he was up to the challenge shooting all of them down in flames.

The left wing and all of the poofies out there are upset that they were not able to tame the beast in this guy who truly is a beast. The good news is though some of these lefties who don't really fit in anywhere will probably take this guy's lead and get into fighting and when you get into fighting your testosterone increases and when your testosterone increases your opinions tend to go to the right as opposed to being far left.

The science on this is clear. In fact to all your parents out there who have poofy boys and poofy teenage boys and poofy young adult males that are your offspring, put them into fighting and watch within 4 months how quickly they turn into normal human beings and Men.

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