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Morons in Toronto who are not Palestinian and who were not born in the Middle East are standing outside of indigo bookstores screaming at the top of their lungs at the staff in the stores telling them to do something about the Palestine debacle.



What the fuck do people in Toronto expect part-time bookstore staff to do about Israel or Palestine or any other War taking place in the world? People in Toronto have become the stupidest idiots in the world. Pick your battles better. Fighting against a bookstore is never going to end a war in the Middle East and nothing that you say or do in Canada or any other country is going to end this Skirmish taking place between two countries who will fight each other until the end of time.

Maybe you should ask yourself, why do you actually care about this Palestine thing anyway? What is Palestine ever done for you or for Canada or for anyone else for that matter?

You should be protesting what your Canadian government is doing to Canadians but you're just so fucking stupid that you can't help yourselves so by all means Shout at kids working in a bookstore because that's going to make your life just so much better, isn't it?

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