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I want to clear this up right now. The entitlement of women in North America has gone beyond the annoying phase, it is actually become weaponized against men. You're not entitled to anything because you're a woman, you want an equal rights so you now have an equal chance to impress me through conversation that isn't marred by a whole bunch of stupid activities like driving to a restaurant or driving to a bar to go dancing.



I'm not spending any money on first dates or second dates or third dates unless the conversation that you have with me on the first date is so unbelievably interesting and entertaining that I am enamored enough with you to suggest a second date.

The greatest crime a woman or any human being can commit for that matter is being boring. There's nothing worse than realizing halfway through $100 meal that somebody is boring. Coffee is the way to find out if somebody is interesting, not expensive activities.

You got to remember, this is no longer the 1950s and women are no longer dainty, feminine and respectful like they were in the 1950s which means that as men we always have our guard up. That is not the way that I want to live but that is the way that I must live to survive in this ridiculous and immature world.

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