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Before anybody accuses me of being on any particular politicians' side, I am not. I despise every politician in Canada and I'm not especially a fan of Danielle Smith in Alberta, who is the new Premiere.

The first thing she did was lie about reversing the criminal charges that were brought against people like myself and all of the other Freedom Fighters during the fake covert pandemic. She still has not kept that promise. However, she is now working in favor of parents' rights in reference to their own children and she is going to be or at least she says she is going to be banning sex change surgery on children.

I'm asking all of you, now that we have one politician in the country going on the attack, that all of us need to also go on the attack at the exact same time. You don't have to like Daniel Smith and you already know that I don't, but I would say stand with her on this one issue and make sure that everybody understands and hears that it's time to save our kids from this radical leftist agenda.

Since the pedophiles are in charge of so much in Canada, we need to attack and we have to do it as viciously as we possibly can, using every social media platform at our disposal and by making sure that everybody that you know in your personal life is aware of this new policy she is bringing in.

Remember, I am not supporting the Conservative Party of Alberta in any way. Her predecessor, the homosexual known as Jason Kenney, was the fat gay guy who had me locked up for 7 weeks just because I was running for Mayor of Calgary and I refused to cooperate with the mask mandates of 2021.

The only thing I am supporting is this one policy and we all need to jump on this while the iron is hot.

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