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There is NO SAVING CANADA - The Country is Dead and Will Not Recover - You All Just Threw it Away.

The conservative party is running out of money to fight Justin Trudeau. They have spent a ton of money updating Pierre's polio image and there's no guarantee that it's going to work because Canadians tend to forget that the liberal party is at war with we the people.

Even if the conservative party does win the Prime Ministership of this country, it doesn't change the fact that so much damage has been done it would take between two and four terms of office with a real leader in charge to even turn the ship around 5°! Canada is finished and it doesn't matter how much crying or whining or complaining that you do, it's simply not going to rescue itself.

This new potential prime minister is not your savior, he really is just a guy who eventually will cave into the pressure of a country that he cannot fix and sell off the rest of what we have to the World Economic Forum. There is no political solution to the problems this country has. Honestly, you should just get the fuck out of here!

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