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With all the talk about poison air in North America, chemtrails and crop spraying, many people are in a constant state of panic over the look of the skies in Canada and the United states.

This is leading everyone to theorize correctly and incorrectly about what the substances are in those chemical trails that you see in the air. Well, if you would like very much to stay away from skies full of contrails, I'd like to show you what the sky has looked like for the last 7 weeks that I have been here in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rican government does not allow spraying in their sky and as a result nobody is spraying a damn thing in the air. Every single day that's not raining, the sky looks like what you see above my head here.

In many cases I would just go out and tell you that North America is a lost cause and if you're looking for action and adventure but also clean health, you need to consider other countries that don't see the value in poisoning their citizens. Costa Rica is one of those countries.

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