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The Kevin J. Johnston Show - It's Controversy Night!

Like all of you, Canada's number one podcaster, Kevin J. Johnston is fed up with the world and the weak spirited maniacs that reside within it!

Canada and the United States are full of weak men and psychotic women where both parties have destroyed our once great nations. The radical left seems to be getting a foothold in other places around the world and when countries like Uganda ban gayness, and their economies climb, nobody else around the world seems to learn that lesson!

Tonight's show will be loaded with CONTROVERSY and if you are easily offended it's best to not bother even turning the show on.

Ask questions, make comments and let's figure out how to fix this planet together on the Kevin J. Johnston show that runs every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Tuesday, June 18 at 9PM Eastern Time


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