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The Canadian government continues to run millions of dollars worth of advertising in the Middle East and in Africa enticing Africans and Arabs to come to Canada to become International students.

When the students arrive every single penny that they have is stolen from them by the universities and the government with all of their fees, taxes and policy costs. I'm getting a number of complaints from Nigerians and others across Africa that they are in Canada; they have had every penny stolen from them and they don't have not enough money to get back to their home.

The Canadian government is aware that in many African cultures, failure is not an option. Some of these Nigerian people will stay in Canada and work slave wage jobs because their culture dictates that they must keep up the appearance of being successful even though they are failing in Canada and not because of them but because of Canada itself.

Canada is an economic trap for everybody and I highly recommend that all of you stay away from it or you will be broke.

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