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South Africa is a country where blacks are so excessively violent that they can barely be considered human beings. The violence that they are perpetrating on each other and on white people is so over the top grotesque that every news media outlet in the world refuses to even cover the story. The South African president has declared white people as targets and blacks all over the country are genociding white people in South Africa.

Now this murderous nation has the gall to come out and state that Israel is somehow a Bad Country and that we should be paying attention to what South Africa has to say. Every single member of the president's cabinet in South Africa are murderers and should be executed for what they have done, yet the media seems to herald them as heroes.

All of you out there need to start thinking a little bit more and begin to comprehend that white people all over the world are under attack by every single nation and every single group. We should be rescuing every white person in Africa because the blacks are out there genociding them in every country.

Who cares what South Africa has to say about Israel? If you do you're really stupid.

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