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Serving Court Papers To SUPERCUTS Oakville - They Won't Serve People With Disabilities

On Sunday, December 6 of 2020 I made a phone call to Supercuts, the barbershop in Oakville, Ontario. I asked them on the phone if I was able to come down and have a haircut without having to wear a mask, to which they said everything would be OK.

When I arrived they would not serve me nor would they listen to me when I was telling them that they were breaking the law.

Instead of getting my hair cut, I had to be harassed by four police officers from Halton Region.

I warned them that if they did not cut my hair that I would return with a lawsuit. They told me they didn't care, well, now they do. This is the service from camera number one of the supercuts in Oakville by me, the astounding, the amazing, the uncanny, the remarkable, the monstrously marvellous, Kevin J. Johnston!



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