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New York state now has Rule 2.13 reinstated, which is the quarantine act that allows the police or any branch of government to enter your home without a warrant and without probable cause to detain you in a medical center which is unconstitutional and completely illegal.

New York state was the most vicious and vile during the fake pandemic and they are continuing now to show you that they are willing to cooperate with the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization by implementing this law.

Imagine police walk into your front door and take your toddlers from you and you don't see them again because they apparently were sick.

Nobody even has to register a complaint with the police the police can just simply walk in your house and take them.

As I read further into it, it turns out the government employees will not be punished in any way when they do this even if your children die in their custody.

United States has officially become Canada. Communism sucks you should have stopped this when you had the chance.

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