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There isn't very much food left in the Gaza Strip so the citizens have been relegated to eating whatever they can find, which includes pet food.

The big problem I have with this is that the Palestinian people don't seem to understand that Hamas is the problem. When you elect a terror cell as your leadership don't think for a second that that leadership is going to do anything for the people; they will only do what they want for their agenda and their own benefit.

Most of the leaders of Hamas are safe in Turkey right now drinking wine while the members of Hamas in Gaza continue to fight and die.

More of an issue is that the Palestinian people, who have now been relegated to eating pet food because they're crazy government decided to go to war with another country, is that they still fully support what Hamas is doing.

When Hamas was launching Rockets into Israel, they were clapping and cheering. Now that they are eating dog food they are still clapping and cheering.

Maybe I need somebody more intelligent than me to explain this to me.

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