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In Canada you are not allowed to have opinions and you're not allowed to offend anybody.

Section 319, subsections one two and three of the Canadian criminal code, prevents you from being offensive in any way. You can do 2 years in prison for cracking a joke.

I know all about this because I was charged with hate speech in 2017, which is still in the courts today. All I did was crack a joke about a Muslim guy who was washing his anus in a public fountain in downtown Paris and then drinking water with the same hand that was completely covered in fecal matter. I mean who would not crack a joke about that?

The Crown Attorney in Canada, whose name is John Kingdon, is utilizing this poorly written law to criminally harass me, which he has been doing now for almost 7 years.

Could you imagine being such a pathetic human being that you keep a case open in the courts about a joke that was cracked in the year 2017? How pathetic could you possibly be? The loser that we are talking about is also a complete wimp, who himself has uttered the hate speech that he should be prosecuted for by criticizing me and offending me!

Canada is a pathetic place; I'm happy to not be there.

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