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My Bulldog Calls Bullsh@t on: Rules for thee, but not for me.

Buford is my Olde English Bulldogge and he's got a very keen nose for Bullsh@t!!! Sooo this is his weekly rant on a matter he sniffed out as total bullsh@t!!!

Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

Time and time again during this Government Regulated Plandemic, we've heard our Government & Health officials tell us to comply with their direction and then defy their own direction, by choosing to do as they please. You know the whole, "Rules for thee, but not for me." Of course as well, who could forget the magical moment back in December 2020, when Ontario's Associate Medical Officer of Health Dr. Barbara Yaffe, announced on camera that, " I just say whatever they write down for me." As seen in this link:

It's amazing how much truth is in that statement, but it still leaves people wondering who exactly is the "They", Dr. Yaffe was referring to? Perhaps it's one of our special guests in this segment Buford & I like to call,

"Do As I Say and Not As I Do."

Well first up we have the left-wing extremist NDP Leader Rachael Notley. Who in March this year was coughing up a lung during press interview and didn't even clean the podium. She never even took a covid PCR test afterwards and she refused to answer any questions regarding this incident, to reassure the public that she is in good health and does not have the deadly Wuhan Virus.

I guess when you're so busy, as Rachel Notley is, working hard to convince the country that a tiki torch is the biggest sign of racism in our lifetime. You just don't have enough time in the day, to clean up your germs and go get tested, just like she is persecuting other people for not doing. Also being so busy, there must be no way for her to quarantine herself for 2 weeks either. Perhaps she's not a big fan of the accommodations of the Calgary Covid Jail, ohh... sorry I mean, the Westin Airport Hotel.

As seen in this link:

Toronto Mayor John Tory in February on Super Bowl Sunday was no where to be found in Toronto. While people were conveniently at the same time vacationing at his Florida home. As this was caught with a drone by Rebelnews. This left Toronto resident's scratching their heads, as they played a Plandemic version of Where's Waldo? During this same time Doug Ford warned Ontarians not to get together for Super Bowl parties. Yet Johnny boy hadn't sent out his same usual threatening tweet, until Rebel had been searching for his whereabouts and made reference to his lack of a Tweet. Then magically John Tory matched Dougies Tweet, perhaps they were hanging out together, I mean discussing the important matters of this Plandemic. As seen on this link:

Ontario Premier Doug "Cheesecake" Ford attended retired Missasaga Mayor Hazel McCallion's 100th birthday celebration, complete with a custom make 100 hockey jersey, to celebrate the occasion. You know all the while, we were all told to stay away form our elderly for "their own safety." This comes only days after Dougie putting Ontario into it's second province wide Lockdown. With him threatening people with actions against them, if they do not stay home. Yet he travels from Toronto to Missasaga to visit a retired Politician. When many Canadians over the last year never got to celebrate the Birthdays of anyone in their families, because of these rediculous lockdowns. Of course this is nothing new for the Cheesecake King, last year he warned citizens not to go to their cottage for Easter (and then he went to his cottage for Easter). And how he warned people not to congregate at weddings (and then he congregated at MPP Stan Cho’s wedding, not wearing a mask and not social distancing). I'm sure these gatherings are all deemed "essential" though, you know for our own safety. There must have been a legitimate political purpose behind them, because after all "we are all in this together"; right?

The lastest one is British Columbia's Lunatic Chief Medical Officer Bonnie Henry taking a Helicopter to go away for Easter weekend with family. Meanwhile she tells British Columbians to stay home and not gather for Easter. With her telling British Columbians to rethink their long weekend plans, as the province apparently marks a grim milestone in its fight against COVID-19. Going on to explain that she's concerned that unnecessary travel over the Easter weekend may lead to another spike in cases. And is quoted as saying, “Right now, no one should be travelling for leisure or vacation outside of your local communities or regions." Easter Religious gatherings I guess must be considered leisurely or vacation type of events, because Lunatic Bonnie banned all indoor religious gatherings and worship services, until April 19th. However her winery is open, you know because booze is essential after all and religion no longer has any importance in our supposed Democratic society.

Shown in this post:

And Easter restrictions article at:

Of course we saved the best for last or in this cause he's the worst. That's right it's our Prime-Dictator himself Justin "Blackface" Trudeau. While the rest of Canadians spent Christmas 2020 cooped up inside and well on their way to a deep depression, that has now settled in nicely for most. Our very own Trust Fund Baby was having fun in the sun, while the rest of Canada was testing out Doug Ford's cheesecake recipe, under a Holiday Lockdown. Maybe Blackface was just testing the theory of the Wuhan Virus not being able to survive in warmer climates.

I mean after all the whole Plandemic and Lockdowns are based on theories such as computer generated modeling numbers, False/Positive PCR tests, counting deaths of suicides & murders as covid deaths, if the person tested positive for covid-19, within 30days of their death of course. Then there's trusting Bill Gates as a medical expert and telling the public that any Doctor, Scientist or Virologist who says anything against the Plandemic, should be looked at as a conspiracy theorist. Push the theory that wearing a mask may help people, even when the box the mask comes in says, it won't help to stop the spread of a virus. Then sell Candians an Emergency Granted Vaccine, well let's be honest it's not a vaccine, so let's call it a shot. Promote it as a miracle to all of mankind. Then tell Canadians that this shot may hopefully reduce the severity of symptoms, if a person were to catch the Wuhan Virus. However, you may still contract and maybe even spread the virus. Let's not forget to use the Liberal Bought Mainstream Media to pass all these theories onto the public. After all they did get 700 million dollars from Trudeau, just before this Plandemic started. So certainly Candians can rely on the integrity of the Mainstream Media to give them truthful information, right? Also social media cares so much about your health, that they will censor anyone who tries to have a realistic discussion about the Wuhan Virus.

With all of these theories supporting the Plandemic & constant Lockdowns, I'm sure our lovely Prime-Dictator was just testing out another Covid-theory. I mean after all he is all about putting Canadians first and he would totally put his life on the line for his country, right?

Ohhh silly me, I almost forgot one important Covid-theory our Government uses and this one is very near & dear to Trudeau's heart, as he has such a great admiration for this country's administration. This would be, to believe what ever the Communist Country China tells us we need to do, to "flatten the curve". You know that place where the Wuhan Virus conveniently came from. I mean come on folks honestly, what could possibly go wrong from listening to a communist county like China? After all our Prime-Dictator admires their administrative policies the most, out of any other country in the world. So they can't be that bad then, if our own supposed leader is their biggest fan. However, the very sad reality isn't that our failed Leader choosing follow a communist administration, has caused us to "flatten the curve". Instead however, it has caused us to put the gas pedal to the floor and launch ourselves completely out of control, over the curve and over a cliff. The unfortunate part is however, we are not inside of a Go Go Gadget airplane-car and at some point soon the laws of physics & gravity are going to take over. This is what's happening right now in our society. Our country & economy are plummeting and soon enough they're going to crash. All the while our politians keep doing the same things over and over again, which clearly is not working. This truly is the definition of crazy, by way of doing the same thing over and expecting a different result. Here is the sad truth however folks, these Politians and Chief Medical Officers know very well that, they have set our country on self destruct mode and they don't even care. This is why they tell us to do one thing and then they do as they please, as if the rules do not apply to them. They know there is only so much time left before the crash, so why not enjoy the spoils of their tyranny before the crash. Most of us can so clearly see the game they are playing now, sadly though alot of people are afraid to stand up. Don't be afraid to stand up folks, no one is expecting you, nor wanting you to for that matter, to go to war here. It just simply means living your life like you did before this Government Regulated Plandemic started, over a year ago. You know back when we were all told, to give them "2 Weeks to flatten the curve." Open you business, hug people, welcome people into your home, celebrate Birthdays & Anniversaries. If you don't want to wear a mask, then don't wear one and if want to wear a mask then wear one; but don't just wear a mask out of fear of this currupt Government.

"A society living in fear, is a world vulnerable to being ruled by the greedy." The most important part is to stop being afraid of a ticket. No one in this country has been found guilty of any covid related fines or charges, they've all been either thrown out or keep being put off. The only tickets that have been paid, are people who voluntarily paid them out of fear of any further prosecution against them, such as a license suspension. If you get a ticket, go online and contest it, they'll give you a trial date and then before the trial date they will postpone the trial for at least 60 days. This will keep happening, until one day out of the blue the Crown drops the charges out of fear of losing the case, due to you not being able to have your right to a speedy trial upheld. Even with all of this information and how much we've seen over the last year or so. If you still truly believe the real problem is the Wuhan Virus and you truly feel the need to follow everything the Government and the Liberal Paid for Mainstream Media tells you. Well folks that's completely ok, it's your right to choose that. However, in choosing that right, please respect that others have the same right to not follow these tyrants and resist the narrative towards their tyranny planned agenda. Remember, "Another person's Freedoms & Rights do not end, where your Fears begin." The one thing the Government doesn't lie to us about, is that we really are "all in this together." However, it's the Government's agenda that we are all stuck in together. Let's change this Canada and stop allowing these tyrants to divide us. Instead let's unite and truly be "all in this together", for the right reasons. If you're looking for a reason besides your own freedom, look into the eyes of the next child you see, because it is their future we are gambling with. I'll close with a link to an Instagram post by a regular everyday Canadian named Shaun Sidney. He hits every nail right on the head, when it comes to what Canadians need to do next, and that is to Stand Up & say No More! Follow link here: hhttpsttps://

When I shared all of this with Buford, he gave me the look that he's giving all you in the picture for this weekly rant. This is the look he gives when he smells Bullsh@t. So my friends Buford calls "Rules for thee, but not for me," is total Bullsh@t!!!

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