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My Bulldog Calls Bullsh@t On: "Fake Friends"

Buford is my Olde English Bulldogge and he's got a very keen nose for Bullsh@t!!! Sooo this is his weekly rant on a matter he sniffed out as total bullsh@t!!! One good thing about all of this craziness with Covid, it's really shown a true perspective of what "fake friends" are and who they are. A year ago, at the beginning of all this nonsense, I had some "fake friends" totally WCW bodyslam me with their opinions about my actions & beliefs, when it comes to Lockdowns. With some even removing themselves from my friends list, like as if in some way this is going to drastically effect my life. Now you might ask, what horrendous Act might I of committed, to cause such an uproar? Well I committed the grievous act of walking to a gas station to get a Tim Hortons coffee. I did this during the initial "Stay Home For 2 Weeks To Flatten The Curve" Lockdown. I had posted a picture of my coffee while walking back home from the gas station and I'd said, "at least you can still walk into the gas station to get a Tim's." At that time you couldn't walk into any other Tim Hortons locations in my City. Prior to this I basically had not been out of my house for 5 days in a row. So for me, walking to get a coffee was deemed "essential" for my mental health and exercise. Well by the time I got home, which is approximately 15 minutes, I had been told that I had no regard or care for other human beings and that I'm a selfish person, because going to get a coffee in their opinions wasn't an "essential" need to leave my home. That's right I was so very selfish, as a Volunteer Firefighter for 5 years. So I guess during that time I must not have cared about other humans either. I also had two of these so called friends remove me from Facebook over this garbage. I had stated to them my distrust of the Government and I believed there was more to the Covid story than what the Government was telling us. Trust me folks my distrust of the Government isn't unwarranted. I worked for the Federal Government for 12years and I had a very up-front look at how fradualant and scandalous our Government can be. The one "fake friend" who deleted me, asked me "If this Covid thing isn't a serious matter, than why is the Government going to pay everyone to stay home? They wouldn't just do that if there wasn't a problem, because they don't just out money unless they are getting something out of it." I told him that he had just answered his own question, because that's what I automatically had asked myself when they started these lockdowns. "What is the Government going to get out of this, besides the obvious of supposed Public safety?" Anyone who has ever worked for the Government, knows first hand that the Government isn't going to easily agree to do anything that costs them money, unless they are going to somehow make more money off of it. So this "Fake Friend" asked me what else I thought they will gain from this lockdown and I said, they will gain results. If people comply they gain control and they won't let go of it, until they absolutely have to let the control go. If people don't comply, then the Government knows that they won't be able to so easily control the public. I told him basically it's a social experiment, to gauge where we are as a society when it comes to our Government obedience. I was told I'm a conspiracy theorist and that I'm going to kill somebody with my reckless opinions, thoughts and actions. Then this person did both of us the huge favor of deleting himself off of my Facebook. So let's roll ahead a year and what I had said back then we are still living today. Also to date my apparent reckless opinions, thoughts and actions still haven't killed anybody, nor will they. Of course the stupidness hasn't stopped there, if anything people have gotten worse. As people reach the point where they realise they have been duped by the Government, they feel embarrassed for falling for the bullsh@t in the first place. So they lash out on anyone with a different point of view on anything. A couple months ago I had another "fake FB friend" who I had contracted years ago to paint a mural on my Fire helmet. A helmet I used in Firefit Competitions and I also sent lots of Firefighters to his business, for airbrush work to be done on their helmets as well. This person lost it on me over a post I had shared, questioning things about Covid, and he even went as far as issuing me threats over FB messenger. Though during the engagement with this individual, one of my friends who was displeased with me at the beginning of these Lockdowns, stood up for me. This friend said to the other person, he thought the same way this guy was thinking. However after actually doing some research, he would have to agree with what I post in regards to questioning this Plandemic. So me standing on my truth and not being afraid to speak out, had actually helped a friend to do the same and start looking for answers. Now the "fake friend" who had threatened me, I simply blocked him off Facebook. Frankly even if someday he does see the light, he's not somebody I want in my life anyways. Now let's roll ahead to this week, when a "fake friend" gave me an ultimatum. A "fake friend", who I'm basically only FB friends with and I knew them in highschool. Well this "fake friend" didn't like the Journalist Work I do and other people who do the same work. She commented a bunch of brubbish on a post of mine, but I left it there, because I feel everybody has the right to look like an idiot equally. However her last comment was an ultimatum for me to either stop practicing this kind of Journalism or she would have to terminate our friendship. So rather than furthering a debate with a person who has cleary finished off the bowl of Rachael Notley's NDP/Liberal Kool-Aid. I deleted her comments and continued on with my day. Well Karen of course couldn't leave things this way, so she started messaging me on messenger. Stating that she must be right, because I deleted her comments. So I still was nice to her and explained that I had deleted it, because of her trying to give me the ultimatum to do as she demands or else she will terminate our friendship. I don't operate this way at all, it's a dictatorship not a friendship. I told her it has nothing to do with her being right or wrong about anything. No more than it has to do with me being right or wrong. Having your own point of view on a matter, doesn't mean that you are right or wrong about anything. No different than my point of view being right or wrong about anything. It simply means we have a different point of view. I explained to her that I don't agree with everything that other journalist have ever said or done in the past and Frankly I don't even agree with everything that I have said or done in the past. I research for truth and I report on that as transparently as I can. However if she felt that she is beyond any wrongdoings in her past, then like I've always said on my Facebook for everybody to see, hit the unfriend button or the unfollow button and she won't have to worry about my view on things affecting her perfect existence. Mostly what she needed to know is if anybody, including family, gives me the ultimatum of complying with what they demand of me and what they believe, or else they won't be a part of my life. My answer always has been and is always going to be, then don't be a part of my life. At the end of the day all that would exist is a fake relationship anyways. I'm sure if the tables were turned and I gave her that ultimatum, that she would also feel this same way. You see this is the problem with people today, if they don't agree with something that you say or do they try dangling their relationship to you, over your head if you don't listen to them. Like in some delusional way, they feel that this will encourage a you to see that you're so respected as a friend and not just see them as a "fake friend". Her reply of course was to call me racist, sexiest, fascist and classist. Claiming that, she was shocked I'm okay with these things and I apparently support them. She's also so very disappointed in me and she always felt that I would be the type of person to speak out against these things. She can't have me as a friend anymore, because of these things. Like as in some way she feels in her demented mind, that my life just won't be the same without her in it. She went on to explain that apparently she wasn't giving me an ultimatum, she was presenting her bottom line. Which when you look up the word ultimatum in the dictionary, it says, "a final demand" and bottom line says, "the final total of an account". So I of course wouldn't pass up this, "More You Know🌠" moment and I pointed out to her, that they basically mean the same thing. I mean afterall like GI JOE use to say, "Knowing is half the battle." So with GI JOE in mind, I did also suggest that she make use of a dictionary, just to make sure I wasn't being Fascist and making up this stuff. Also I explained to this person that she clearly hasn't ever read any of my articles, because if me speaking out and standing up when it comes to the way this fraudulent Government is treating Canadian Citizens right now amounts to anything that she accused me of being. Then she's not even so much as in left field anymore, she's clearly hanging out in the parking lot drinking some more of that yummy NDP/LIBERAL Kool-Aid. It's funny the Government is being every single thing she accused me of being, when it comes to their treatment of Canadian Citizens during this Plandemic. Yet some how whenever a Journalist stands up and speaks an uncensored truth, unlike people being use to the censored garbage that comes from Mainstream Media, then someone like this trys labeling that Journalist as a Conspiracy Theorist, Fascist, Racist, Sexiest and ohh my favorite Classist. I don't even get paid for my Journalism, because it's something I do during none work hours or when I'm off work for the winter season such as now. So yup, I'm all about that Classism, I was especially all about it with the last piece I did bringing Costco to task for kicking an autistic boy out of their store. That's right folks I had all of my "ist's" front and center when I dedicated two weeks of my life and spare time, to constantly stay on Costco in regards to their mistreatment of an autistic boy in their store. Not to mention the time involved providing the report to our reader's. You know who does get paid for Journalism though and they don't even do it honestly and with integrity? That's right folks, the Mainstream Media. As a matter of fact last year they got paid nearly $600 million dollars of Taxpayer's money from our Blackface Prime Dictator Justin Trudeau, just for them to deliver garbage news. The same people who this person solely listens to and buys into their everyday verbal diarrhea known as fear porn. Also the same people who reported once on this event at Costco and they titled it, "Kingston Costco refuses service for mask non-compliance." As if in some way this nonverbal severely autistic boy was to blame for his inability to have anything on his face, due to the major sensory complications that he suffers from.

I especially made sure that I was on point with my my discrimination game, when I decided to spend another two weeks tackling the important issue of Quarantine Facilities in Canada. I was so dedicated to my discrimination, that I even provided internal emails from the RCMPVA trying to recruit retired Police Officer's to run these facilities. According to the Canadian government Covid has killed 22,000 Canadians. These deaths are all tragic, as any death always is. However, I don't think we'll ever truly know an exact number of how many relationships this Plandemic has killed. At the end of the day, I actually really feel sorry for people like these "ex-fake friends" of mine and all the other Karen's out there in society. The fact that they are so scared in complacency, that whenever someone says something different or heaven forbid asks the hard questions. Then they can't simply accept that we all have different point of views on things or heck maybe even be appreciative that there's actually people out there seeking the truth. No instead it's just so much easier for them to go with the flow of society and call everything Racist and offensive, simply because it might challenge them to actually be intellectual for a change. However I guess sometimes it takes something such as this Plandemic to be able to see who you real friends are.

When I shared all of this with Buford, he gave me the look that he's giving all you in the picture for this weekly rant. This is the look he gives when he smells Bullsh@t.

So my friends Buford calls "Fake Friends" total Bullsh@t!!!

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