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More Evidence That The Oceans Are NOT Rising And That GLOBAL WARMING Is A Scam!

The governments of the world are well aware of the fact that oceans have not risen and they will not rise. It's just very easy to collect more tax dollars when people are afraid of a problem that does not exist and then you offer a solution to that very same problem. Charlatans have been doing this since money was invented.

For all you kids out there who don't believe what a middle-aged guy is saying, see for yourself. I'm showing you the Statue of Liberty situated on a small island in the ocean from 1890 and then from 2022. That is a lot of decades in between and you'll see that the ocean levels are the same. You can also spare me the argument that high tide and low tide require that I do measurements at the exact same type of tide. If the Statue of Liberty was in danger of being underwater, you could be rest assured the American government would have surrounded it by a retaining wall or a dyke a long time ago. There is no dike around the Statue of Liberty because the government knows there is no climate change and there is no ocean level rising. I'll keep repeating this message until you get it!

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