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LONGO'S (And Others) Lawsuit For Download - I Deputize You To Serve This Claim

Here is the lawsuit I filed against LONGO'S AND OTHERS. Please PRINT IT and carry it with you at all times. You are essential workers and I have yet to serve 2 of the people/businesses listed. (Instructions Below)

Download PDF • 10.96MB

Click the link above to download the file.

Here is the serving of LONGO'S (CAMERA ANGLE 1).


  1. Download the PDF FILE

  2. Print the PDF file

  3. Staple it top left

  4. Put it in a file folder / large envelope

  5. Put it in your car, KEEP it in your car

  6. When pulled over, simply state "I am a process server, I am serving this document." Then POLITELY ask "Am I Free To Go?"

  7. You do not need to answer any questions about the suit or anything else! "I don't answer questions." is all you say to EVERY QUESTION!

Enjoy your new life as a PROCESS SERVER!

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