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Due to popular demand, I have made this video for you where we show you some pricing of some food items on the west coast of Costa Rica. This is about 25 km south of Ojachal, and I spend 10 minutes walking through this grocery store showing you what the prices are of chips, drinks and canned goods.

Costa Rica has been very good for me. My mental health has never been better, and my physical health has never been better. The food down here is remarkable and you don't even have to waste your time looking for anything organic. The farmers down here simply can't afford whatever chemicals it would take to poison their own food supply.

Pork and eggs are absolutely to die for in Costa Rica.

I will continue to film my excaves through Costa Rica as time goes on.

Since right now I do not have a car, it is difficult but I'm not a picky guy. If you're able to help me raise 10,000 us dollars, I will grab a car and I will hit the entire West Coast and central part of this country for you so you can see it all and make the correct decision possible before you come down here!

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