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The number of women complaining about being alone on tick tock and on Instagram is increasing to the point where I would call it almost exponential.

Many of you listen to what feminists had to say and you chose career over love. When a woman chooses career over love, you will spend all of your breeding years working to make money, which you will eventually figure out men are not impressed by. If you're not going to be involved with a loving man and have children of your own, who exactly are you working for?

As a father of two, I can tell you that having children was the greatest thing I ever did and even though I am divorced now, my ex-wife agrees that having children was the greatest thing that she ever did. My kids are adults now and I talk to them every single day and I cannot fathom how lonely life would be if I did not make the choice to have children of my own.

I can only guess how you feel but I'm going to tell you that when you are young between 22 and 33 years of age, that is when your value to a man is at its highest.

When you hit 40 the chances of having a healthy child are very slim and so your value to men who are on the prowl for a fertile woman is drastically reduced. I would highly recommend, do not listen to feminists when you're young and attractive and virile, get married to a good man and have lots of kids or be alone like the millions of women on tiktok today.

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