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LADIES NIGHT! How To NOT Be Alone For The Rest of Your Lives - The Kevin J. Johnston Show

Love is not unconditional in our modern world and if you really want love, you would better be someone that the average man is capable of loving which many of you are not.

Something about Canadian and American women that I used to not understand but now I truly do understand and that is why they get upset when I make commentary about Canadian and American women! Typically the truth hurts and they don't want to hear it and that is unfortunate because when you do not listen to the truth about your bad behavior or your particular personality quarks that bother people or you're rotten disposition, you lose because everybody else will walk away from you.

Your criticisms mean nothing to me but I figured because you ladies out there filled my email box again with your hate and your filth and your diseased language, I thought I would smile and tell you one more time how you can fix your lives because after this, I don't give a shit what you do, I'm making money!

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