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Here in Panama City you will notice that you can live the ultimate life of your choice. Panama City is both modern and cosmopolitan with amazingly fun areas to be but also with incredibly quiet places to be if you choose to live within them.

There is a lot of business here and a lot of international business people looking to make money. there are also a lot of expatriates just looking to live a life in a safe city that is Affordable away from the horrible weather in North America and away from crazy politics in the western world!

I'm currently at Casa Bonita on the west side of the Panama Canal but I overlooked the Panama Canal from my condominium room and I can see the downtown core from the rooftop pool here!

I am thoroughly enjoying myself in Panama City. if you'd like to learn more about Panama or if you'd like to buy property in Panama please visit me on and fill out the survey, make sure you click on my name!

Austin and I will get back to you as soon as we can.

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