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My Tweet / Truth Today:

The #Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( #CBC ) Gets $1.4 Billion tax dollars per year to put on Propaganda content that hates whites, #Christians, and men. They promote Radical #Islam and #Pedophelia often.

They Must be #Defunded!

Now My Explanation:

I have been dealing with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for years. In 1993 I was interviewed by CBC for publishing a comic book series called Floyd. Floyd at the time was rated one of the top 10 most violent comic books in history which of course I did deliberately because I was 23 years old and frustrated with Society in general. My work reflected how I felt at the time.

Even then, they always took a domineering left-wing approach to interviewing. They always ask questions starting with "Don't You Think....."

That line of questioning and that style of questioning is designed to make the audience think that they are right and the person that they are interviewing is wrong. That is not journalism, that is activism.

Fast forward to The Last 5 Years, they have shown the country of Canada that they hate white people, hate men, and hate Christians. They have been praising pedophiles as something that is good for the country and they praise radical Islam almost weekly.

I have proven time and time again that all they do is lie and all they do in return is call me names. This media Outlet serves no purpose and has no value Beyond keeping Justin Trudeau in power. With a 1.4 billion dollar per year budget, they are incapable of putting a single show in the top 20 of the ratings in Canada. How pathetic do you have to be to fail that badly with that kind of money?

It is time for them to go immediately.

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