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ISRAEL vs PALESTINE - What Side Have You Picked To Argue With Your Family Over?

Why are you taking a side in this? So many of you out there are ruining relationships with your parents, your children, your aunts, your uncle's, your grandparents, your friends and your coworkers.

I'm asking all of you out there to consider that taking a side in this war is going to hurt you and not help you and yet I am being met with hatred and accusations that you cannot back.

My videos on this Israeli and Palestinian conflict are designed to make you think about yourself and be a little bit more introspective. Could it be that perhaps I'm just far too clever for all of you? I look introspectively on every issue that people ask that I take a side on and if there is no benefit to society as a whole or myself, I will not be taking a side. I'll repeat myself again, I'm not taking sides in this conflict I'm just asking questions. The question I now have of you is why our questions so offensive to you?

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