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Islamophobia Month Is a Farce - Here Are The Countries Where It Is ILLEGAL TO BE GAY!

The term islamophobia is most likely going to trend for the entire month of November. As I said in my previous video, it is a term created by the Muslim Brotherhood to conquer your mind and divide everyone.

Maybe all of you should read with Rowan Atkinson had to say about this, he's smarter than he looks. But as for those who want to believe that the Western World suffers from widespread islamophobia, something that does not exist, just remember for all you left-wing libtards out there, it is illegal to be gay in Muslim countries and the ones on the map in red are where you'll be executed for it probably very painfully.

But don't take my word for it, please get on a plane and go to any of the countries on this map and take your pride flag with you. Please I beg you, dance around in front of the first government building you see in that country and then let me know if you survive what happened!

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