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Islamophobia Month Is a Creation of The Terror Group THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD

I find the term islamophobia incredibly offensive because I know it's history. Christopher Hitchens talked about it 20 years ago when the Muslim Brotherhood teamed up with some key funding groups in Pakistan to start spreading the notion in the Western world that Muslims were in trouble living in the Western world.

I can assure you, that Muslims are not in any danger in the United States or Canada or any European country for that matter because white people are too afraid to even look at them the wrong way.

The notion of islamophobia awareness month is every bit as offensive as Black History Month and every other stupid month that we give to every other ridiculous group who could just spend a bit more time and prove themselves and shut up so the rest of us don't have to hear them cry.

When a terrorist group creates a phrase that they want me to utter, it's the last thing on the planet I'm ever going to say. Maybe all of you should look into things a little bit more before you jump on the bandwagon and celebrate phrases created by people who kill everybody including Muslims.

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