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Instagram has fact checked two of my videos and the subject matter was disease x. Keep this in mind, disease X is not something that I wanted to talk about and it's not something that I gave a crap about, until it was told to me that they were going to bring it out this year.

Naturally I theorized that disease X is going to come out to try to stop the 2024 United States election. Since Canada and Mexico could conceivably have Federal elections this year, it would really make sense for the Rothschilds and other groups like them to stop the elections from happening with another pandemic.

But remember, disease X is not my idea; all I did was talk about it and now I've got translucent coverings over my videos warning all of you that some fact checker who is a liar has checked my video and didn't like what I had to say probably at the behest of the world economic Forum in the first place.


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